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We believe that professional mental healthcare should be available for everyone.

Most Australians lack proper access to effective therapy, especially including those that live in rural areas. Cyber Clinic was created to help provide flexible and effective help to those that need it, no matter where they are.

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After identifying the problem of a broken mental health system in Australia, the idea of Cyber Clinic was born. Plans for a platform using proven technology to link client to best fit practitioners and treatment began.

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Beta version

Through countless hours of development, the first beta version of Cyber Clinic was released. Customers from government-funded organisations, community-based organisations and not for profits are delivered vital mental healthcare right across Australia.

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Growing user base

Momentum begins to build, with demand beginning to grow from businesses to provide flexible, data-driven mental health treatment to their staff.

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The upheaval of the global pandemic saw changes to government telehealth rebates, work situations and lifestyles. Cyber Clinic was adapted to provide mental health care directly to the public. With Medicare integration, CC became the first online mental health marketplace offering direct Medicare rebates to users.

mental health online app
mental health online app

Help at your fingertips

Access to Australia's best mental health services, online and ready whenever you need them.

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Our app uses an AI-driven algorithm to help connect you to like-minded professional therapists, custom picked to help with your unique needs.
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Online booking whenever suits you - you can access our services 24/7 to find help when you need it. Speak with mental health professionals using secure, Medicare-approved video consultations from anywhere with internet access.
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Keep track of your mental health journey and see how your consultations are helping improve your life. Use our Therapeutic Alliance Score to see your progress.

Positive change starts here!

Take your first step to a healthier you, download the Cyber Clinic app and be connected with flexible online counsellors, psychologists and therapists that have been picked for you. Take charge of your mental health and wellbeing today.

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Our mission & vision

Our mission is to provide equal opportunity of access to quality, flexible and effective mental healthcare. Cyber Clinic has been created to fill the void in Australian healthcare, providing access to professional psychological help to those that otherwise find it too hard to seek it out.


“At Cyber Clinic we are focused on making sure that people get the right care at the right time, with the right practitioner. Our goal at Cyber Clinic is to optimise the efficiency of current mental health services, creating ideal health outcomes for the Australian population, and financial stability for the health industry.”

Research has shown that a good relationship with your therapist can boost positive outcomes by 250%. But as it stands, finding a therapist is still a lucky dip.
Cyber Clinic developed a system that uses an AI-driven algorithm to match practitioners to clients based on expertise, skill areas and backgrounds, giving the client the highest chance of forming a more valuable connection with their practitioner.

With a new client-centric focus, our mental health service will pave the way for the approximate 4.9 million Australians who suffer from mental health issues to find the help they need and help that works for them.


Meet our values

Cyber Clinic is more than a service, it’s a new way of thinking about mental healthcare. We’re dedicated to finding everyone the help they need, on their terms.

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Giving clients access to the tools that empower them to take charge of their mental health and wellbeing, enabling them to live happier, healthier lives.

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Bringing clients and like-minded practitioners together, encouraging friendly, supportive and helpful connections.

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Using technology and proven data-driven analytics to foster quality mental healthcare.

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Promoting mental health care through empathetic, thoughtful and respectful delivery, in a manner that works for both client and practitioner.