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Government Institution - all you need to know

Find out more about how Cyber Clinic helps Australians connect with Government funded Health Organisations to access quality mental health services


How Government and Insurance Organisations work with Cyber Clinic?

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Online solution

Cyber Clinic brings the quality service of bricks and mortar Clinics right into the palms of our clients’ hands. We have developed an innovative online solution to increase access to mental health services for Community-Based Organisations, Primary Healthcare Networks and other Government services providing mental health treatment. Clients take advantage of flexible online bookings, secure end-to-end authenticated video appointments and our AI-driven matching process.

Quality service

Mental health practitioners available on Cyber Clinic have all been registered and vetted according to our clinical governance guidelines. Practitioners are matched with each client according to their skill areas, experience and specialist qualifications, providing a tailor-fit service to clients.

Return on InvestmentTM

Cyber Clinic provides Performance Outcome Data (POD)™ on practitioner performance and tracks client’s ongoing wellbeing. POD is a fully confidential and anonymous service that offers accurate insight into the effectiveness of services delivered and promotes a higher return on investment.


How online therapy is improving client outcomes

Telehealth and video conferencing have been the saviour in recent times. With a world torn apart by a pandemic, remote connections have been what has held relationships, both social and business, together. Cyber Clinic provides therapeutic solutions to Australians located in metropolitan, remote and hard to reach places by offering easy online access to quality Psychology services.

With Cyber Clinic

The benefits of working from home have been broadcasted widely; reduced overheads, flexible working hours and a more controlled work/life balance. Cyber Clinic allows practitioners to consult from wherever is most convenient and clients to connect around their busy schedules.

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Without Cyber Clinic

Face to face consultations have restricted clients in the past, meaning those living in rural areas have had to travel long distances to find the specialist help they need. Even those in bigger cities can find it difficult navigating clinic wait times and practitioner shortages. Online consultations mean that everyone has access to mental health services, no matter where they live or how busy their lives are.

mental health online app
mental health online app

Help at your fingertips

Access to Australia's best mental health services, online and ready whenever you need them.

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Our app uses an AI-driven algorithm to help connect you to like-minded professional therapists, custom picked to help with your unique needs.
connection Icon 2. Connect
Online booking whenever suits you - you can access our services 24/7 to find help when you need it. Speak with mental health professionals using secure, Medicare-approved video consultations from anywhere with internet access.
mental health online app 3. Measure
Keep track of your mental health journey and see how your consultations are helping improve your life. Use our Therapeutic Alliance Score to see your progress.

Cyber Clinic Service Package

Our platform is designed to be simple yet powerful, allowing easy access to quality mental health care that makes a difference.

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The app
  • Easy to use
  • Free to download through Apple App Store and Android Play Store
  • Your client receives a unique access code allowing easy bookings to be made while maintaining confidentiality
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24 hour online booking
  • Users have access to Practitioners calendar of available appointments and can book a time that best suits them
  • Access to after-hours and weekend appointments
  • Appointments and notifications all managed right within the app
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Trusted practitioners
  • Over 200 mental health practitioners available for all users to access
  • All practitioners are registered and vetted according to our clinical governance guidelines
  • Practitioners are matched with each user based on skill areas and your client’s specific needs
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Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Access to feedback systems to help practitioners provide better care
  • Built-in rating scales to help track employee engagement and wellbeing progress
  • Anonymised metrics to see the real benefits of online therapy

Our Partners

Cyber Clinic is proud to work with clinics and organisations across Australia that are doing incredible work in the Mental Health space.


Government Partners Help Centre

Want to know more about Cyber Clinic? We’ve answered the most commonly asked questions to make accessing online therapy easy.

Question and Answer Icon How can I refer my client to Cyber Clinic?
To start referring clients to cyber clinic simply contact us to set up your account on the Cyber Clinic App. Once your contract is live on the platform, simply remind your client to download and register on the cyber clinic app using the allocated “code” assigned to your organization to start therapy.
Yes, Medicare rebates are available for video consultations between psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health social workers and their clients. The client must live in an eligible telehealth area, classified as Modified Monash Model areas 4-7. Please visit to determine eligibility.
To get in touch with our Client Success Manager, simply call u during office hours on 1300 112 115 or email
Cyber Clinic offers fast, convenient and effective therapy to clients based all across Australia. As Cyber Clinic is an online mental health clinic it allows people living in remote locations easy access to a large database of AHPRA registered psychologists best suited to their needs. Quality Mental Healthcare is now available with a touch of a button. Download the Cyber Clinic App to get started.
Yes, you absolutely can. The Cyber Clinic App can be accessed by all people living in Australia.
General Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Occupational Therapists, Counsellor, Forensic Psychologist, Neuropsychologist, Somatic Psychotherapist.

Practitioner Experience at Cyber Clinic

Hear from our partners about their experiences with Cyber Clinic.

Review date: 20.04.21

Cyber clinic is a fantastic platform for reaching clients in need and giving me the flexibility to practice effective psychology remotely. The staff have been extremely helping around using the platform effectively. The performance metrics have been very helpful in giving me a visual insight to the client needs. I highly recommend using Cyber Clinic for Psychologists wishing to expand their telehealth skills and reaching more people in need.

Psychologist Australia Cyber Clinic
Ms. Sarah Van Der Pluym PSYCHOLOGIST

Review date: 07.04.22

Let me tell you about Louise Edwards, our Practitioner Success Manager for Cyber Clinic.Louise offers feedback to clinicians to help them get the best out of the platform, but she doesn't just give tech advice, she offers honest personal and professional insights across the board to enhance your practice, she really wants us to succeed! A moment of gratitude, please keep pushing us to be the best we can be as clinicians and colleagues, your integrity and brave words are much appreciated!

Psychologist Australia Cyber Clinic
Mr Craig Willis Couples and Family Therapist

Review date: 14.02.20

Telehealth is a convenient way for many clients to receive health services. I have found Cyber Clinic to be an excellent platform for me to deliver mental health services. It reliably allows my clients and me to focus on our therapy together, without any distraction or disruption from the technology. Cyber Clinic simply does what it is supposed to do and does it well.

Child Psychologist on the Cyber Clinic app
Dr. Tony Florio Clinical Psychologist

Review date: 27.10.21

Cyber Clinic facilitates the engagement of professional psychologists at the convenience of those seeking therapeutic services. It delivers passionate support and offers people accountability to their own appointments.

Psychologist on the Cyber Clinic app

Review date: 05.11.21

Cyber Clinic is a refreshing platform for the clinician, and for clients to actively have input about what is working well, or factors not so useful. The client is able to give honest feedback to help practitioners respond to actual needs. Also, for ease of administration, the invoicing calendar booking system, and in-house video interface, gives technical confidence to all users. These features give back some precious time to be creatively ready for each encounter. Brilliant!

Psychologist on the Cyber Clinic app
Mr. Craig Willis Couples and Family Therapist

Review date: 01.04.22

Cyber Clinic's user-friendly online platform (the best video call function I have used) and highly responsive IT/admin support have been a real highlight of my journey with Cyber Clinic so far. It allows me to focus on what I love, which is to provide an empathic, safe space for my clients. The Therapeutic Alliance data also provides a unique opportunity for both therapist and client to reflect on how the sessions are going, which has been very useful feedback.

Psychologist on the Cyber Clinic app
Elaine Chen Clinical Psychologist
mental health online app
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