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flexibile online counselling

Tailor-made help that improves your life

We help you find the right help you need with online therapy and keep you on track throughout your mental health journey.


Match with a practitioner that understands you

1. Practitioner pairing process (3P)™

Our 3P AI-driven algorithm has been designed by clinical psychologists to assess what’s important to you and find the practitioner that best fits your needs. Using Cyber Clinics online therapy app takes the guesswork out of finding the help you need.

The Cyber Clinic app does away with awkward or uncomfortable therapy sessions by pairing you with effective online therapy that’s right for you.

flexibile online counselling

2. Access to our qualified practitioners

Get to know your therapist before you even meet. The Cyber Clinic app provides you access to the skill areas, experience and background of your practitioner so you can make an informed choice.

Use our Therapeutic Alliance Score to help provide feedback for each session so you can continuously dial in your online therapy benefits.

flexibile online counselling

3. Book your own appointments

Book your appointments around your schedule. Online booking is available through the Cyber Clinic app 24/7 at the touch of a button.

Never have to ask “where can I find therapy near me” again. Sessions are held remotely from the convenience of your mobile, so you can literally have your mental health appointments anywhere there is an internet connection.

flexibile online counselling

4. Secure online video call

Your appointment is entirely held through the Cyber Clinic app. Connect with your practitioner over a video call hosted on our secure online server.

Online therapy provides truly convenient mental healthcare. Enjoy secure and flexible online therapy with Cyber Clinic.

flexibile online counselling

5. Practitioner Engagement Analytical System (PEAS)™

Track your wellbeing and get more out of your mental health sessions with your therapist by using our PEAS feedback system. Rate every session as you go to provide important feedback to your practitioner, allowing them to tailor your sessions closer to your needs.

Get the most out of your online therapy, use the Cyber Clinic app to make your sessions work for you.

flexibile online counselling

Keeping your data secure

Keep your private conversations private. Connect with your therapist through Cyber Clinic’s end-to-end authenticated online therapy video sessions. Your information, preferences and conversations are private and should stay that way - this is why data security is at the core of the Cyber Clinic mission.

flexibile online counselling
flexibile online counselling

All the data collected within the Cyber Clinic app is done with your permission and stored on secure servers that are maintained to Australian Healthcare standards. Your video sessions are protected by end-to-end authentication technology so you can have the peace of mind of safe, private and effective online therapy.

flexibile online counselling

We remain transparent around our data security and quality assurance practices. If you have any questions regarding how we manage our data you can email us at

Positive change starts here!

Take your first step to a healthier you, download the Cyber Clinic app and be connected with flexible online counsellors, psychologists and therapists that have been picked for you. Take charge of your mental health and wellbeing today.

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Your journey

How do I start feeling better?

Feeling better starts by talking to someone. We give you access to online support that can help you feel better. Our therapists can help you manage problems with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, eating disorders, child counselling and much more.

mental health online app
mental health online app
mental health online app
mental health online app

Download the app

The first step towards the new you is by downloading the Cyber Clinic app through the Apple or Google Play store. Explore our online mental health treatment and connect with professionals that can really help.

mental health online app

Introduce yourself

Take our short quiz so we can learn more about you and find out what areas in your life we can help you with.

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Connect with therapist

Asking for help from a stranger is difficult, our app is built to help connect you with psychologists and counsellors that understand your specific needs and are more likely to connect with you personally.

mental health online app

Discover the new you

Book your consultation with a therapist you’ve been matched with and take your first step towards a healthier, happier you


See some interesting data about our app

Mental health care is a growing area of interest within Australia, see how online therapy through the Cyber Clinic app is helping to pave the way.


Growth in downloads


New users


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Therapeutic Alliance Score

TAS is a review system built into the Cyber Clinic app to track client-therapist engagement. It monitors your relationship with your therapist. An analytic tool designed by Clinical Psychologists, it allows both clients and therapists to continually manage their relationship and achieve the best outcome.

  • 90% engagement over 12 months

Client-Therapist Engagement

flexibile online counselling

See how Cyber Clinic benefits your practice

Practitioner Icon Mental Health Practitioner

Do away with unnecessary admin, reduce overhead costs, grow your client base and improve therapeutic outcomes - all from the comfort of your own home!

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Connect your clients with a service that works for them. Create health care plans and referrals to a platform that takes the guesswork out of sourcing high-quality mental health services online.

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Parliament logo Government

Utilise health care that provides real data and ongoing feedback on government-funded mental health programs.

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Help your employees be the best versions of themself, use Cyber Clinic to provide online psychological therapy help and improve their wellbeing through affordable and data-driven mental health online care.