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General Practitioners Helping you put more support in your patients' pocket.

Connect more patients to the support they seek with Cyber Clinic, and we'll do the rest.

GPs are at the coalface of Australia's mental health crisis.

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Cyber Clinic is an Australian-owned Medicare integrated app that provides online video mental health consultations via your patient's smartphone.

A quarter of psychologists currently meet the criteria for burnout (ANU) and average wait times for new patients are routinely over three months. As more practitioners close their books, securing timely support for your patients can prove difficult.

Cyber Clinic is the simple solution.

Cyber Clinic enables GPs to easily refer their patients to a network of trusted AHPRA-registered mental health practitioners.

Our Medicare-integrated app enables patients to access online mental health consultations via their smartphones. We're the simplest, fastest, and most convenient way for people to find their best-fit practitioner with the tap of a button, no matter where they are.

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Mental health,

made easier for your patients.

Our digital platform is developed by clinical psychologists and powered by an AI-driven algorithm
and pairing system to match, connect, and measure your patients' mental wellbeing.

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Who can benefit?

  • Patients with a Mental Health Care Plan
  • NDIS self-managed and plan managed patients
  • Workcover and TAC
  • Private health cover patients
  • Government-funded patients
  • No bulk billing patients
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Accessible to all

Cyber Clinic gives all Australians access to mental health care — including those living in remote areas or with physical limitations. Patients can book consultations at their convenience and our ever-growing network of trusted mental health practitioners are available any time of day, mornings, afternoons or evenings, 7 days a week.

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Encourages engagement

The conversion rate to a first booking is 90% when a patient referral is digitally sent to Cyber Clinic, and patients show an 80% engagement rate after the first session.

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Hassle-free rebates

As Australia's only Medicare-integrated mental healthcare app, Cyber Clinic enables automatic patient rebates for fewer headaches during already difficult times.

Find out more about how Cyber Clinic can transform your practice.

Bank Grade Security*

*Our platform uses bank-grade encryption to keep your patient data and communication safe and confidential. This means that your information is protected whenever it’s being sent, received, or stored.

How the platform works.

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Patients simply download the free Cyber Clinic app on their smartphone and complete a short quiz, using our AI-driven matching algorithm to find their best-fit practitioner, selected from our ever-growing network of AHPRA registered Clinical, Organisational, and General Psychologists, Couples and Family Psychologists.

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Patients can then book their face-to-face online video mental health consultations on the app, choosing session times that suit them any time of day, mornings, afternoons or evenings, 7 days a week. Rest assured, the app features an inbuilt encrypted and highly secure conferencing system so all data and communication is kept confidential.

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Patients can monitor their progress and take control of improving their outcomes, with real-time insights with the Therapeutic Alliance Score.

Patients Love:

  • Personalised therapist matching with an AI-driven algorithm
  • Quick access to help with 24/7 appointments available and no waitlists
  • Convenient online video sessions
  • The ability to track their progress with real-time insights
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Referring to Cyber Clinic.

Connect your patients
to Cyber Clinic

You can send your patients' Referral & Mental Health Care plan in three ways:

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Via fax: 03 8676 1929

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Via secure messaging (Healthlink)

You'll receive same-day acknowledgement from our client services team.

Connect your patients
to Cyber Clinic with MedicalDirector

Cyber Clinic has teamed up with MedicalDirector to streamline the referral process using an advanced integrated widget, which significantly reduces the entire referral process for GPs, enabling them to submit highly confidential details using the safest and most secure technology available.

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Install the Cyber Clinic Smartform widget in MedicalDirector Clinical.

Contact icon

Choose a Mental Health Care Plan or Review.

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Your patient and Medicare details will auto-populate.

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Review patient referral and click submit.

Get in touch with a member of our clinic relationship team today

to find out how Cyber Clinic can transform your practice and help put more

support in your patient's pockets.


Cyber Clinic

takes care of the rest.

Your patient's account is created in Cyber Clinic and they will instantly receive a message to:

  1. 1. Download the free Cyber Clinic app on their smartphone.
  2. 2. Take the short quiz powered by our AI-driven matching algorithm.
  3. 3. Get matched to their best-fit AHPRA-vetted practitioner.
  4. 4. Start booking secure video face-to-face consultations, anytime, anywhere.
  5. 5. Receive automatic Medicare rebates once their session is complete.
  6. 6. Measure and monitor their progress with in-app insights.
psychologist listening to a female patient

Practitioner Experience at Cyber Clinic

Hear more from our practitioners about their experience with Cyber Clinic.

Review date: 20.04.21

Cyber clinic is a fantastic platform for reaching clients in need and giving me the flexibility to practice effective psychology remotely. The staff have been extremely helping around using the platform effectively. The performance metrics have been very helpful in giving me a visual insight to the client needs. I highly recommend using Cyber Clinic for Psychologists wishing to expand their telehealth skills and reaching more people in need.

Psychologist Australia Cyber Clinic
Ms. Sarah Van Der Pluym PSYCHOLOGIST

Review date: 07.04.22

Let me tell you about Louise Edwards, our Practitioner Success Manager for Cyber Clinic.Louise offers feedback to clinicians to help them get the best out of the platform, but she doesn't just give tech advice, she offers honest personal and professional insights across the board to enhance your practice, she really wants us to succeed! A moment of gratitude, please keep pushing us to be the best we can be as clinicians and colleagues, your integrity and brave words are much appreciated!

Psychologist Australia Cyber Clinic
Mr Craig Willis Couples and Family Therapist

Review date: 14.02.20

Telehealth is a convenient way for many clients to receive health services. I have found Cyber Clinic to be an excellent platform for me to deliver mental health services. It reliably allows my clients and me to focus on our therapy together, without any distraction or disruption from the technology. Cyber Clinic simply does what it is supposed to do and does it well.

Child Psychologist on the Cyber Clinic app
Dr. Tony Florio Clinical Psychologist

Review date: 27.10.21

Cyber Clinic facilitates the engagement of professional psychologists at the convenience of those seeking therapeutic services. It delivers passionate support and offers people accountability to their own appointments.

Psychologist on the Cyber Clinic app

Review date: 05.11.21

Cyber Clinic is a refreshing platform for the clinician, and for clients to actively have input about what is working well, or factors not so useful. The client is able to give honest feedback to help practitioners respond to actual needs. Also, for ease of administration, the invoicing calendar booking system, and in-house video interface, gives technical confidence to all users. These features give back some precious time to be creatively ready for each encounter. Brilliant!

Psychologist on the Cyber Clinic app
Mr. Craig Willis Couples and Family Therapist

Review date: 01.04.22

Cyber Clinic's user-friendly online platform (the best video call function I have used) and highly responsive IT/admin support have been a real highlight of my journey with Cyber Clinic so far. It allows me to focus on what I love, which is to provide an empathic, safe space for my clients. The Therapeutic Alliance data also provides a unique opportunity for both therapist and client to reflect on how the sessions are going, which has been very useful feedback.

Psychologist on the Cyber Clinic app
Elaine Chen Clinical Psychologist

Our Partners:

Cyber Clinic is proud to work with clinics and organisations across Australia that are doing incredible work in the Mental Health space.

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General Practitioner FAQ

Want to know more about Cyber Clinic? We've answered the

most commonly asked questions to make referring online therapy easy.

Via mobile phone or Ipad only, not a PC or laptop.

  • Male or Female between the ages of Ages 6+ to 80
  • Private Patients
  • Medicare rebated patients using a current Mental Health Care Plan or Chronic Disease Management Plan.
  • NDIS Self-Managed and Plan Managed Clients
  • Corporate (EAP)

*Please note: No bulk Billing Patients

Important Information:

If your patient is in acute crisis, which presents a risk to the patient (ie: high risk) or others, please contact your local Emergency Department.

Yes, we do!

It is a rebated component from Medicare that your patient receives.

We are not a Bulk Billing clinic.

  • GP's, please email or Fax Two documents “Referral” and “Mental Health Treatment Plan”
  • Please stipulate the patients concerns and the NUMBER of sessions required on the MHCP
  • Address your referral to: Cyber Clinic Level 2 488 BOURKE STREET, Melbourne Victoria 3000
    Ph: 1300 112 115 and Fax: +61 3 8676 1929
  • Send to Email

They can call 1300 112 115 , we provide service Australia Wide.

Via mobile phone or Ipad only, not a PC or laptop.

  • iPhone 5 or newer & iOS update 10 or newer
  • Android update 6 or newer
  • Must be connected to 4G data or Wifi